Enjaz International Group

Hong Kong

Enjaz International Group is a gathering of a number of companies established to provide the best services in accordance with the various aspects of the utmost professionalism.

Partners in the group


Civilian CO.

International Civilian Engineering Company(ICECO) eagerly sought to become closer to your ambitions, and fulfilling your wishes for what the world of engineering had reached in technology and development accompanied by presenting the required services in specific times and outstanding quality.
we are specializes in (Engineering design work, supervision & feasibility studies-general contracting-Buying and selling real estate-Import of construction materials-International engineering technical agencies…)


Civilian CO.
General Trade & Agencies

Alitqan co.

A leading company in the field of general trade and provision service for international products and brands; where our company is keen to provide the finest types of products needed by our customers
and the sincere transaction is the foundations of business in this company.
The company invests capital in the commercial fields such as :
1.General trading .
2.Import and Export .
3.Shipping and Clearance .
4.Training and Qualification.
other activities now are build in this big company ….


Alitqan co.
Import & Export

Enjazchn co.

Over long years of business experience in various fields in china, our company evolved in quality methods for commercial transactions depending on the international specifications and recommendations , our big business relations frameworks also expanded to include many of the Arab, African and Asian countries , where our extensive and diverse experience in the fields of:
1.general trade
2.import and export
3.Manufacturing products
made ​​us a company in the forefront of operating companies.


Enjazchn co.
Developmen & Trainingt

Develop Cent.

International development Center is a Center for developing, consulting , making common and specialized strategies and training,…. , the Center seeks to provide consultancy services, development of strategies,training and staff development and quality control with the latest training methods in line with the global standards in order to meet all the strategic requirements in an environment based on modern knowledge and that is through the most distinct trainers in various specialties in the Arab world and worldwide.


Develop Cent.

About the Group

Our Vision

Community service in many of the emerging sectors through professional work, and responding to customer service, so that we are committed to providing their product by a world-class standard through leading innovations in various fields.

With this vision, Enjaz had diversified strategic business units that aim to focus on:

  1. Design and engineering consultancy
  2. Engineering construction work and contracting
  3. Property development and investment
  4. General trade
  5. Import and export
  6. Shipping and customs clearance
  7. Training and rehabilitation
  8. International Agencies

Enjaz International Group adheres to the highest standards of quality, which makes it continue grow steadily in maintain and its position as a leading company in the global market.

Enjaz International Group joined between the professional strength and depth in specialization and diversity of service.

Our Services

Join Us

Working with Enjaz International Group is based on the philosophy customers’ needs, and the desire to rise to the challenge and provide a level of services that constantly meet and exceed the customers’ expectations.


In the Enjaz International Group our desire is to offer our customers a level of service that consistently exceeds their expectations. In order to achieve this we strive to create an environment in which the partnership is between the people to provide energy, creativity and commitment to work together to achieve ambitious goals.


We are committed to provide our employees a work environment that can thrive where their creative potential, based on the highest standards of professional excellence and integrity. We look forward to the inclusion of enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated for this purpose, even though they are committed to bring out the best in everything they do.

We at Enjaz International Group: recognize the importance of community service. Rather, we consider it the most important of our social responsibilities as a leader in the region. Therefore, we have sought to make community service one of our largest principles in the company and we hope that we have a good impact through our activities in various areas that can serve the community, such as doing charity work, donations, care of the environment, interact with the local community and providing training opportunities for the untrained staff.

We at Enjaz International Group: are working hard to provide a work environment that is subject to the highest international standards of health and safety, and do not forget our role in preserving our local environment. We are also working together with local communities to promote business practices with excellent standards, starting with raising the level of awareness about health issues within the company to create jobs for young people in the region to develop their expertise and potential.

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