A Word from the Board of Directors

It is our pleasure to welcome you to your site, the site of Enjaz International Group

By surfing our site you will be able to identify the history and highlights of our achievements as well as access to the latest products and services that we offer. It also allows you to have a closer look our vision and values that is ​​pursued by our organization since its inception.

The part played by Enjaz International Group is to ensure the continuous growth of our shareholders with the progress of our development and success. One of the basic things is to make greater use of the power that is arising from our continuous activities in business diversification. Therefore, our responsibility will also require that we share actively in the development of strategic plans, policies and financial allocations and to supervision its application, and to ensure that our various business activities achieve the positive growth, and the development of managerial experience and management of our various brands.

Based on our core values, our role requires us to be successful in the business where we have over the past years strengthened the stability in the business, and establishment of core competencies and joint efforts in all parts of the Group. Our business, services and numerous strategic partnerships, and our global commons projects, in addition to business enhancing technology had led to improvement of the offers provided to the clients.

Sound management principles, sincerity and a vision based on the client and the support and commitment of our professional staff, all contribute in the leadership of the business and the many sectors around the world, and put us as leaders at the local, regional and global levels. These are the factors that won us the trust and respect of our customers and the adoption of the same factors that guide our vision towards the future.

We are committed to our core values, through which we communicate every day with our shareholders: (Leadership – Integrity – innovation – excellence – community service)

Enjaz International Group would not have reached this position except by commitment to standards of quality and excellence, and maintaining customer satisfaction and participation in maximizing returns on their investments, in addition to the development of the resources available and the use of innovative methods in the desired investment activity, as well as caring for after-sales service.

This commitment made by the Group itself paved the way for it to move forward in the march towards continued success, for the Group to become one of the most successful companies that span across several continents.

We are always proud of all our achievements and successes, and from this perspective, we harness all our capabilities to support and develop our human resources in all categories, and that is our true capital, with the continuation of our total commitment towards our customers, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Here we are today continuing to develop standards of leadership and excellence in the investment business, planning an approach whose essence is sustainability and its pillar is development and growth  to continue the march of progress and success.

Our expertise and capabilities that have accumulated thanks to God Almighty and then thanks to our carefully studied strategic steps and the future vision of the needs and transformations of the markets, has placed Enjaz International Group in the leading position in making and providing solutions and services offered through several specialized companies and to become a strategic partner that many of the leading companies depends upon.

Efforts that remember and thanked for each of the employees of the Enjaz International Group who are characterized by full meanings of loyalty and liberality to build together this Group, which resulted in this prestigious position of excellence and creativity.

Once again, welcome to your site.

Suhail Al Qubaisi

Managing Director