Community service

We at Enjaz International Group: recognize the importance of community service. Rather, we consider it the most important of our social responsibilities as a leader in the region. Therefore, we have sought to make community service one of our largest principles in the company and we hope that we have a good impact through our activities in various areas that can serve the community, such as doing charity work, donations, care of the environment, interact with the local community and providing training opportunities for the untrained staff.

We at Enjaz International Group: are working hard to provide a work environment that is subject to the highest international standards of health and safety, and do not forget our role in preserving our local environment. We are also working together with local communities to promote business practices with excellent standards, starting with raising the level of awareness about health issues within the company to create jobs for young people in the region to develop their expertise and potential.

We at Enjaz International Group: work hand in hand with the local community in order to achieve the common interests of all, taking into account the traditions and culture of the community. The Group also works to support sustainable development through cooperation with all relevant bodies with the Group’s actively to adopted policies for sustainable development to ensure the impact of direct and indirect activities for the common benefit of community and the environment, in the following aspects:

Staff Welfare

Enjaz International Group grants its employees the top priority as it cares for them within and outside the working hours, for the employee must love and enjoy his work life; for that we have been providing questionnaires for their demands and their needs. This is because the employee is our most precious possession.

Customer Service

Enjaz International Group seeks industriously to maintain the level of service provided by the company; rather, it has set up a special department to improve its performance, and the development and preparation of plans for the effective management aspects of improving the service for the customer, who are the real wealth of the company.


We believe in Enjaz International Group what could be achieved by diligent group work in order to charity work, especially when we work together as one company. We work constantly to provide our assistance in terms of what we can do, including:

  1. Our initiatives in digging wells and providing clean water, health unfit for human consumption; and supervision in dry and desertified areas;
  2. Our initiative in building hospitals, homes for health care and care for the orphans and the infirm;
  3. Our initiative in the establishment of educational and advanced technical institutions;
  4. Our initiative in providing administrative and technical training opportunities in accordance with high scientific and technical bases and twinning with global developed institutions in this area.

Management of sustainable consumption and production:

Enjaz International Group aims to reduce the consumption of resources through continuous development and modernization of largely effective and efficient practices.


Enjaz International Group is of the most conservative on the environment and we encourage our employees to do that. We are also planting trees at various events throughout the year as an initiative by the employees.